About Me

I feel like this is one of those times when you sit in class on the first day and the teacher tells you to introduce yourself and tell the class an interesting fact about you… But here goes nothing!

My name is Samantha, I’m your typical college girl. Usually maintaining a moderate stress level and highly caffeinated. Seriously my body is probably 90% coffee at this point. I talk 24/7, so I figured I would take to the internet… quite a few more listeners than in my every day life!

Typically I just write whatever’s on my mind. Sometimes it’s deep, sometimes I just need to rant. But I can guarantee that anything I post here will be 100% real. I say what I think and I hope you agree.

I love hanging out with my family and friends, they’re my favorite people on the planet. My church is my second home, and Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. His love is forever and if that doesn’t give you hope I don’t know what could!

If you’re still hoping for an interesting fact all I’ve got is that I can cross my eyes really weirdly and I can say the alphabet backwards super fast… I suppose you’ll just have to take my word for it!

Well that about sums it up… If you want to know more about me, feel free to comment! I’ll do the best I can.

xoxo, Samantha


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